“That all may have life and life in abbundance”

Our vocation is born, like every vocation, from a call, a personal meeting with the Lord Jesus, recognized as He who can fill life and give it meaning, with the goal of giving all of oneself in order to collaborate in the building of the Kingdom of God and to assume the same sentiments and desires of Jesus Christ: “That all may have life and life in abbundance” (Jn 10:10).

It is a vocation which makes our being in the Church and in society one person among many, to live fully our baptism and to witness the Gospel in every place and situation with the power and determination which comes from consecration to God. And all this with the commitment to collaborate in the creative work of God within different human realities.

We live in the midst of society, loving it as the place in which God is present, continually seeking to recognise the signs of his presence and of his action so that others too may see them.

It is important for us that the use of goods and of every gift be made soberly and by sharing, without damaging or accumulating what others need in order to live

We are animated and sustained by the missionary spirituality of St Daniel Comboni.

His love for the “poorest and most abandoned” leads us to “make common cause” with the poor of our time, taking care in a special way of the “last, the littlest, the discarded, those far away”. His missionary passion is our motive to be everywhere signs of universal openness and to ferement, in the Christian community a faith which is lived as a gift to be shared with all peoples.

As missionary disciples we take to heart that Jesus Christ be recognized as present in every place, near to each woman or man we meet and whom every person can meet through us. We are on a journey to live the beatitudes in every circumstance so that the Gospel may be announced even without words.

Seeking an image which would represent us we find it in the pinch of salt which gives taste to life or in the yeast which the woman in the evangelical parable kneads into the flour, so that it ferments the dough, sign of the Kingdom of God (Mt 13:33) with its values of peace, justice, brotherhood for all of humanity.

We are on a journey, in an eternal exodus, ready to go where we feel called, free to leave or to remain, available, always ready to make the love of God present wherever it is needed